Groundworks, S278 Works & Water Services


Construction Project Stage One...

To prepare sub-surfaces for the start of construction work you may be thinking of employing a contractor.

We will carry out a no obligation survey to investigate the ground you are planning to build on and discuss your project and groundworks requirements. Our experienced, qualified and conscientious teams make sure to meet the necessary standards required when carrying out the works, whether it is site clearance, substructure works, ground stabilisation or landscaping works.

Other groundwork site services include, but are not limited to, drainage and utilities connections.

Section 278 Works

Building your individual projects from planning to completion...

Understanding and adhering to Section 278 of the Highways Act is essential for a contractor undertaking your scheme.

We are able to provide an all round service including paperwork for permits and road closures, asphalting, street lighting, lines and the traffic management required for your S278 works.

Our experienced, qualified and skilled teams can build your S278 schemes, highway construction, footpath or cycle path, roundabout construction, street lighting and more.

Water Services

Moling & Trenchless Technology...

If your water main is leaking, overflowing, or broken, it must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Our specialised equipment may be used to repair or replace your pipes using a technique called moling, which eliminates the need to excavate your land or dig trenches. This ensures that your water mains will be repaired neatly and quickly.



Underground Water Supplies

If you need to repair or replace any type of water pipe, for example copper, lead, black poly etc. we can install new blue polyethylene pipes of all sizes using water fittings that comply with The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations act 1999.

Our highly trained technicians can identify leaks with specialist leak detection equipment and carry out the excavation work needed to get to the problem. When we have identified the issue we will discuss with you the best affordable and economical option as to whether to repair the leak or renew the supply pipe.

We also install new water supply pipes for other reasons i.e. more flow for new boilers, extensions to your water supply pipe systems or around a new extension or building.

Tapping equipment or electro fusion welding top tees/ferrules are used when installing new water supply pipe connections on to private water mains.

We carry out electro fusion welding/jointing on all polyethylene waterpipes or gas pipes from 20mm in diameter to 125mm in diameter. This is a stronger and more reliable way of joining pipes, the join is actually stronger than the pipe itself. 



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