Sewer Connection Contractors

If you are looking to employ a contractor to connect your new or existing property to the public sewers, we have teams dedicated to completing your sewer connection. We can complete your application to the water authority to connect to their sewer network and liaise with the local Council regarding any required permits to carry out the sewer connection.

Our experienced and qualified streetwork teams are fast at installing foul water sewer connections and take pride in their work, making sure to meet the necessary standards required when working on the connection to a sewer.

There are a few ways to connect to the public sewer; these depend on your project.

If you're unsure whether your connection is to a private or public sewer, you can discuss this with one of our qualified surveyors.

Direct Sewer Connection

A common method for connecting a small number of properties to sewers of 300mm diameter or less
Direct Sewer Connection

Connecting to an existing sewer manhole or building a new manhole to Water Authority specifications
Indirect Sewer Connection

Required if you need to connect to an existing private drain that will then discharge into a public sewer.

"I need a sewer connection, what happens now?"

Whether you are a private customer or a commercial developer there will be similarities with the process.


When we have performed a free survey (so we can understand your project and check the site location, depth of sewer etc.) and you have accepted our no obligation quote, we will start the process of organising your sewer connection.

2. SECTION 106 

The water company will need to grant you permission to connect to the public sewer, a section 106 (S106) is required and we can apply to the water company on your behalf for this approval – we will require drainage and site boundary drawings. We also have specially trained operatives that can safely undertake connections in a confined space – this requires a permit from the water board at time of entry. When the work is complete the water company will issue a final certificate, this is a document that is required when the property is sold.


We will organise all traffic management required for the works to be safely carried out by the Parrott Utilities Ltd team. If the works require a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (road closure), this will need to be approved by the local council, we will complete the application for this too. A road closure will take approximately 12 weeks to be processed by the council and costs between £1,000 and £2,000, this additional fee will be indicated on the quote.


Most connections are carried out within the public highway. It is a legal requirement that anyone working within the public highway has permission from the local council, a section 50 licence needs to be applied for in order to gain the council’s consent. Parrott Utilities Ltd will complete this application and, as a professional contractor, we have the necessary streetworks (NRSWA) licence for both supervisor and operative along with the appropriate Public Liability Insurance required by the council to approve section 50 applications.


When the required permits and orders have been granted for your sewer connection, we will program the work into our schedule and agree dates with you. We may notify local residents and businesses that we will be carrying out the sewer connection and ensure any required Advance Warning Signs are in place for road users.


Parrott Utilities Ltd will ensure that the qualified team carrying out your sewer connection have all the relevant permits, plans, drawings and equipment to commence the works safely.  When the works are complete we will clear the site and contact you.

Sewer Connection Enquiries

Use our contact form to send us your sewer connection enquiry and we will arrange a free survey and no obligation quotation.

Prefer to discuss your project with a friendly human? Please call us on 07845 501 237 or 01767 835 952 and we can book you in for a site visit.

If you have drainage drawings etc. and want to send them with your sewer connection enquiry please email

Locations Covered

We carry out sewer connections in Bedford and surrounding areas but our teams will travel approximately 50 miles radius of Sandy, Bedfordshire where we are based. 

Please contact us to discuss the location of your site.